We will discuss some tips and precautions to take when selling a Rolex watch online. Research the company, by researching the watch buyer you can find out their history, their complaints, also don't just rely on one review source, check multiple review sites, check their BBB page, check their social media presence and what people are saying about them for a start. After you gather all that great watch buying info, you can proceed to the next step.

Read the site carefully, read the FAQ'S, read how it works, read the process, the return policy etc. Make sure you have their number and address and call them before you send it in to build a pre existing relationship so they can easily remember who you are.

Make sure that they pay all the shipping costs, and if you don't like the price they offer , you can be assured to have your Rolex watch delivered back ASAP.

Also find out how they pay, paypal, wire, check etc. Know these terms and you can sell your watch easily and safely. For more information or toll call for a quote call 212-398-7856



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