There is no doubt in anyone's mind that when someone uses the term luxury watch the first name that comes to mind is the name Rolex. Rolex has been around a long time, have an impeccable reputation as a symbol of wealth and luxury. But what happens when you want to upgrade or buy a new Rolex watch? If you take it to the store your buying it from they can offer you a fraction of the price.

Why not sell it to a company that pays the most because of their high clientele list and in the loop of people that are looking to buy that particular Rolex. See we have the knowledge and customer list that we can sell the Rolex watch we buy too quickly, and that means more money to you.

If you sell your watch to another dealer, he has to factor in a few things, like overhead, time, letting the Rolex sit on the shelf and waiting for the customer, these factors dramatically drop the price of the Rolex watch you want to sell. Well we cut all that out because we know when we can sell it, and how long it will take before we buy it, thus raising our confidence also raises the price we pay. Call us for a quote.

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