Houston Auto Accident Attorney

James Lassiter at Lassiter Law Firm is a leading Houston auto accident attorney with several positive reviews and a proven track record. His impeccable negotiation skills can help you recover the best compensation for your injuries and losses from the insurance adjusters fast.

What to do in a traffic accident?

Move your car to prevent blocking traffic and call 911 if there are any victims. Call the police and wait for the law enforcement officers to arrive.

In the meantime, take notes of the accident site, take pictures of the vehicles involved in the incident, and exchange contact info and insurance details with the other driver. Call an attorney if you wish to file a claim for your injuries or losses.

Can I handle a car accident claim myself?

You may handle your own accident claim if you do not suffer severe injuries or significant damages. Besides, if the insurance adjuster makes a reasonable settlement offer or if you have prior experience handling accident claims, you may choose to handle the situation on your own.

However, it is always better to hire an experienced and reputed Houston auto accident attorney to represent you. Having an attorney on your side can intimidate your defendant's insurance adjuster and can level the playing field. Moreover, an attorney can build a strong case on your behalf, hold negotiations, and ensure rightful compensation for your injuries and losses.

If a driver hits my car from behind, am I at fault?

The accident is always that other driver's fault if your car is rear-ended in the crash. An important driving rule states that a driver must stop safely if a vehicle stops ahead of him/her. When the tailing driver is unable to stop the vehicle in time he/she is responsible for unsafe driving.

Alternatively, if you suffer a chain accident where both you and the car behind you get hit because of a third car running into the car behind you, the driver of the third car becomes your defendant. Speak to a skilled Houston auto accident attorney to determine the at-fault parties in your car collision.

How can an attorney help me with my auto accident claim?

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in an auto accident claim can benefit you in several ways. Here is how a lawyer can help you:

  1. An attorney can communicate with the other driver's insurer and take care of the legal aspects while you're focusing on healing from your injuries.
  2. An auto accident lawyer can obtain the necessary evidence and interview witnesses, and help determine fault for your accident.
  3. A lawyer can collect, organize, and compile your medical records, bills, and other vital documentation.
  4. Attorneys can communicate with your health care providers and obtain missing records to prove damages in your claim
  5. An attorney can negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the defendant's insurer or his/her defense attorney.

Call Lassiter Law Firm to get started on your auto accident claim. Our Houston auto accident attorney, James Lassiter, is a highly sought-after lawyer with commendable trial experience.

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