Family Law Firm Boca Raton

Scott J. Brooks is a highly sought-after family law firm in Boca Raton with the best attorney and an impeccable track record. Our attorney can take care of all the legal aspects and paperwork for you to save you time and money during the divorce proceedings. Here is a list of family law services that we offer:

  • Divorce

Scott Brooks is one of the leading divorce lawyers with a thorough understanding of the divorce laws in Florida. His holistic approach to divorce cases reduces the enormous that our clients may experience, allowing them to focus on rebuilding their lives. Our attorney takes care of the paperwork and legal requirements, preventing unnecessary delays and costly mistakes during your divorce. Scott is also an experienced and unbiased mediator and can help you make practical and sound decisions in your divorce negotiations.

  • Child support

With the legal codes changing all the time, it can be difficult for someone without legal knowledge or experience to handle their child support claim. We handle child support cases and possess the expertise and knowledge needed to help you receive a favorable outcome. With over three decades of experience, Scott has helped numerous divorced mothers and fathers receive a reasonable child support amount. While undergoing a divorce can be a ruthless process, our attorney prioritizes your children's wellbeing to ensure a smooth and stress-free divorce litigation. Our attorney can also help you save a ton of time and money with his unsurpassed legal representation and negotiation skills.

  • Domestic violence

Hiring a domestic violence lawyer is pivotal if you have suffered abuse or assault from your spouse. While looking at your attacker can be disturbing, our attorney can reduce your discomfort by handling all the negotiations for you. Scott can also make sure you receive reasonable compensation for your injuries and trauma alongside child support, alimony, etc. Rated as one of the best marital attorneys, Scott can help you get over your divorce and domestic violence in no time and help you start fresh.

  • Paternity disputes

Paternity cases begin when one of the parents of a child files a petition to establish paternity with a court. Our attorney can help you submit valuable evidence to the court like a blood or DNA test and help you earn your custody and visitation rights as a child's father. As a reputed attorney for family law in South Florida, our expert has handled hundreds of paternity dispute cases and has helped his clients regain their rights.

  • Child custody and visitation

Rated as the #1 child custody law firm, we help hundreds of parents every year earn their rightful custody and visitation rights with our unexcelled legal representation. Our holistic approach ensures a quick resolution in child custody cases and helps our clients continue their normal lives as soon as possible. Scott is one of the celebrated Florida family law attorneys with excellent people skills, analytical abilities, and an impeccable track record.

Get in touch with us at 954-757-5551 to discuss the prospects of your case with the #1 attorney in Boca Raton. Entrust your divorce to us for a speedy resolution. Scott J. Brooks, P.A. is a reputed family law firm in Boca Raton with a high success rate and an experienced attorney. Schedule your consultation with us now.

Family Law Firm Boca Raton
Scott J. Brook, P.A.
2856 N. University Drive
Coral Springs FL 33065 US

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